Desk of Chairman

Mr. Manmohan Singh

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the opening of the Nanak Public School in Jaunpur. The School aims to give the best Pre-primary, Senior Secondary education in English medium to the children of all classes in the area. It is well equipped with trained staff to take charge of the educational as well as the holistic growth of the students. It is conceived by the school's organizing committee that there shall be low fee charges to provide quality contemporary education to the students of this school. Development of any community, society or nation solely depends upon good quality of education. In today's dynamic era of information and technology, quality education assumes much more importance as it instills in every individual the strength and courage to secure a better place in the world. I am confident that the school will fulfill the needs of the students, parents and the people of this area by imparting quality education beyond their expectations. I convey my best wishes to all those who envisioned this school in consonance with the aspirations of the people of Jaunpur. May God give them success in their mission.

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